Laser processing
of Precision tubes

The use of the latest laser technology allows the highest precision fine machining of thin-walled stainless steel tubes with dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.05 mm, exclusively burr-free. With 5-axis lasers, even the most difficult geometries can be executed. Holes and slots can be cut into a tube without major effort.

  • Precision cutting
  • Fine drilling
  • Fine welding
  • Engraving, labelling, marking
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Precision lasers

5-axis lasers enable simultaneous processing across all five axes. This means that the laser processes the precision tube across five planes simultaneously in a single operation (linear axes X, Y, Z and the two rotary axes A and B). The workpiece can be processed in a single fluid movement. The laser’s precision ensures extremely high repetition accuracy, even for high-quantity series production. Lasering tubes is also visually impressive.

Precision tubes made of aluminium, stainless steel, steel and non-ferrous metals such as brass and copper are used for laser processing and cutting.

Laser processing applications

  • Precision cutting
  • Fine welding
  • Fine drilling
  • Engraving, labelling, marking

Advantages of laser processing

Conventional manufacturing requires a whole string of production steps, such as sawing, drilling and milling the relevant workpiece. A laser achieves significantly more precise results for this with less effort and shorter processing times. The process also has a further benefit: cuts are made without burrs or chips, meaning that there is no need for time-consuming post-processing.

The laser’s precision ensures extremely high repetition accuracy, even for high-quantity series production. Lasering tubes is also visually impressive. Tube lasering therefore combines various work steps (including intermediate checks) into a single work process, enabling appreciable cost savings.

  • Contact-free operation
  • No tool wear
  • High reproducibility
  • Constant accuracy
  • Short-term prototype and individual manufacturing
  • Data migration of 2D vector data (DXF, DWG, EPS, AI) or 3D data (Parasolid, IGES STL)

Tube lasers can also be used to cut precision tubes made of steel or aluminium with the utmost precision and small wall thicknesses. Laser processing of tubes achieves high cost savings compared with standard tube processing options such as conventional tube cutting, sawing, drilling, stamping, milling or deburring. Using a laser ensures high production and angle accuracy in tube processing, without deformation or punching tears.

The workpieces do not need any post-processing, as the laser processing of tubes creates a burr-free and chip-free cut. This ensures optimum use of materials, as well as maximum repetition accuracy for small and large series and precise positioning of the tube weld seam. Another benefit of laser cutting precision tubes is the low tool costs and investments involved in new production or design changes.

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Precision tubes with quality and flexibility

Our expertly trained staff ensure that the precision tube parts you need are manufactured within very narrow tolerances. Our flexibility and reliability mean that we are able to supply you with ready-to-install precision tube parts in small, medium or large series at short notice. This naturally covers our entire range of precision tubes.

We meet all specifications and standards during production and further processing as a matter of course. Our precision tubes are made as finished components using state-of-the-art technology and in keeping with strict testing requirements. This ensures top-quality products. An overview of our certifications and approvals is available here: product quality.

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