Precision tubes as assemblies

Any system is only as good as its constituent parts. The same goes for assemblies, which are constructed from perfectly tailored precision tubes.

Our top-quality fine and precision tubes are the perfect basis for manufacturing assemblies. Whether simple or complex assemblies, you produce the plans, and we work with you to create the assembly that meets all of your needs. This work draws on our expertise, our experience and our flair for putting together complex assembly solutions.

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Precision tubes in package solutions

We offer you the perfect package solution for your desired assembly. The precision tubes and components required for this can come from stock, be individually made, or be supplied by you. The precision tubes that we manufacture for assemblies – like our precision tubes in production and fixed lengths and as finished components –  are produced in our modern, innovative machinery pool. Tube production and processing methods are tailored precisely to the relevant assembly, in accordance with your requirements.

Joining methods

Sensibly implemented joining methods play a crucial role in manufacturing precision tubes as assemblies. Techniques such as press fits are used, in which the precision tube is fitted into a slightly smaller opening and held together by friction. As well as hard soldering, we also offer various welding techniques – WIG/TIG welding plus laser welding. This process has various benefits: high welding speed, slim and narrow weld seam shape, and low thermal distortion. Laser welding is also generally completed without any filler material.

  • Press fits
  • Hard soldering
  • WIG/TIG welding
  • Laser welding

Precision and complexity

There are no limits on the complexity of these individual precision tube systems. We can also reproduce any size you need with consistently high precision. You will benefit from our staff’s commitment and expertise. We are on hand to support and advise you throughout the whole process, from prototype manufacturing to small, medium and even large series production. We ensure that your assembly is a sophisticated, high-quality product.


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