Interalloy sees itself as an interface between the production factories and the high expectations of the customers. It guarantees the procurement, storage and delivery readiness of your products. The focus is not only on a relationship with its customers built on partnership and consultation, but also on confidentiality towards third parties.

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Our path to success

The quality of our products is based on the precision of the semi-finished product and the production of the finished product. Our employees are masters of their domain and produce top-notch service for the customers on a daily basis. The company management provides for a healthy working environment and is constantly investing in modern equipment in order to meet the exacting requirements of the customers.

Specialist personnel, innovative machinery, a central location and a modern building are the perfect ingredients for high-quality precision tube products.

Our contribution to the environment

Environmental management is taken very seriously at Interalloy. Staff training and a waste disposal strategy are just the first steps. Waste is separated, wooden boxes are exchanged with our suppliers and reused. Interpark was designed with sustainability in mind. Interalloy has its own water treatment system and is planning to install solar panels. A DMS system also helps with the paperless approach.